photo Why should we think that peace is possible?

Why should we think that peace is possible?

When it comes to peacekeeping, some people are quite skeptical about it, and they think that world peace is just an illusion. However, having a peaceful life is the conviction of some ambassadors of peace. Why should we be optimistic that it is possible to live in serenity? There must be some good reasons why those defenders of peace have a strong belief in living in harmony.

It is possible if each individual begins with a quest for inner peace

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, said: " It is crucial that peace be a component of each individual's life. The truth is that people need peace, but not the world. If people live in serenity, the world will be in harmony ". These words mean that it is possible to find peace if each individual does their best to find it.

Therefore, it is possible to have peace even if it is not something that the world is looking for. On the other hand, each individual in this planet is looking for harmonious life. Thus, by all means should each individual strive to learn how to feel inner peace. If this happens, then, each of us will feel much better. You can visit to have more information about him.

Peace is possible if we get rid of deadly weapons

If each individual is at peace with themselves, it will no longer be necessary to use weapons. Everybody will, therefore, be aware that we are all brothers and that we will no longer need weapons and kill each other, regard less of 

  • Our complexion, 
  • Our religion, 
  • Or our culture.

If humans have peace within themselves, nobody will be tempted to create conflicts. The great peace warrior, Prem Rawat, preaches about this truth and focuses his struggle on the quest for inner peace. The feeling of inner peace in each individual is enough to remove any possible conflict incentives, and then, it won't be necessary at all to use firearms or military wars to restore peace in a country.

Peace is possible if each nation uses its assets to meet its needs

In general, a conflict arises when two nations fight over a territory, or when a nation tries to impose its laws over another nation. Conflict also arises when an independent country uses its own law and its own privacy policy to develop its region. Thus, peace is possible if each nation does not interfere with the other nations and if it makes do with its natural resources. Coveting the wealth of another nation leads to violence.

But as what the messengers of peace said, it is crucial that this effort starts from each individual. Moreover, if the citizens in a country have inner peace, they will be able to deal with any problem provided that each individual is at peace with themselves.

It is possible, but we still have a long way to go

The world we live in will probably be peaceful one day. Yet, the road is long and winding. It is not easy to lead each individual into inner peace. Everybody has their own opinion of everything and of what is good for them. In fact, it is not easy to make everyone have the same vision in life. All the global organizations are doing their best to establish peace in the world.

Those organizations have contributed largely to war and conflict prevention efforts; nevertheless, more efforts need to be made in order to ensure sustainable peace, which is the hope of many nations in the world.

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