photo Focus on the actions for Peace

Focus on the actions for Peace

Focus on the actions for Peace

Maintaining peace in the world is the mission to which the UNO has been devoted for ages. Several good deeds have already been undertaken in order to keep the peace the entire world has been longing for. Some of those succeeded; others did not. Let us take a look back at the specific initiatives to safeguard peace on earth.

Prevention and diplomacy

To effectively maintain peace, the United Nations set up a conflict prevention strategy. It also functions as a mediator by sending special correspondents to deal with political functions on the field. Those speakers use international diplomatic languages to resolve the problem.

On the other hand, if the countries which are involved in the conflicts do not take the recommendations from the United Nations into consideration, economic sanctions will be immediately imposed on them. Quite often, the sanctions have disastrous impacts; that is why very few countries dare to challenge any recommendation from the UNO which has suggested it.

Disarmament, Deployment and Reintegration (DDR)

The main objective of this measure is to immediately stabilize a country which is involved in a conflict, but it especially aims to guarantee a long-term prevention of the conflict development. It is put into effect as soon as the peace negotiation process begins and continues until it is signed. 

  • Disarmament consists in inventorying arms and ammunition. Without exception, all of them are confiscated from the smallest guns to the largest caliber ammunition. 
  • As far as deployment is concerned, it consists in releasing members of the Forces and Armed Forces. Equally, it is necessary to control this action to prevent relapses. Former war combatants are even invited to reintegrate so that they feel mind tranquility again in themselves. In fact, Prem Rawat, the defender of peace has promoted the same idea. 
  • The reintegration phase consists in reintegrating war veterans in civilian life. As a result, they get help in their quest for a regular job and income. This process is the longest, it can last for an unlimited time.

International disarmament

The United Nations deploys a great deal of resources to prevent the proliferation of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Any research about arm creation is closely controlled and quite limited. Effectively, only one of those weapons is enough to wipe out an entire country in just a few minutes.

There is a section known as the " Office of Disarmament Affairs " within the UNO, whose unique mission consists in chasing out any country which deliberately manufacture such weapons. Most of the time, that country is severely sanctioned by the United Nations.

Fight against terrorism

  •  It is the number one scourge in peace attainment in the world. It can happen anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the UNO set up a special office which deals with fight against terrorism. It performs many tasks apart from helping all member states in their struggle. Even so, Prem Rawat estimates that in order to get an efficient result, the first thing to do concerns each individual. Here are the main functions of the Bureau Anti-terrorism within the United Nations: 
  • Lead the important action. Any case related to terrorism has to be treated at that office.
  • Reinforce the synchronization the commitment of the 38 countries which signed the universal treaty against terrorism. 
  • Boost the ability of the organization which has been established in each member country to fight against terrorism. 
  • Make anti-terrorism activities more visible; in addition, make the necessary resources available.

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