photo Christianity, a religion of peace?

Christianity, a religion of peace?

Christianity, a religion of peace?

The ultimate commandment of Christ for Christians is « Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself ». This verse, which was taken from the Bible, is the foundation of peace for Christians. Why is it so? Because if you love your neighbors as yourself, you won't even think about causing harms or starting a conflict with them. If it is so, then, is Christianity a religion of peace?

Christianity teaches people to love each other

For any true believer, it is common to hear the verse which says, “Love your enemy”. As a human, it is often impossible to act that way; however, if you carefully observe the Word of Christ, it will come naturally. As a result, if you believe that Christ is, you will be less likely to get involved in conflicts.

The principle of Christianity is to teach its followers to be tolerant with one another. Thanks to that, you will be able to feel peace within. On the other hand, the defender of peace Prem Rawat said that it is that inner peace within each individual which is more important.

The message of peace brought by Christ

Jesus Christ himself is peace; during his time on earth, he always resolved any conflict that had been sparked by his enemies. And even when he was under arrest, he strictly forbade his disciples to fight back with their swords. Within the Christianity religion, it is, therefore, essential for Christians to hold fast to all religious practices, and reject anything which may eventually lead to conflict. As a result, it is important for a Christian to: 

  • Love everybody like a brother, 
  • Avoid judging the others, 
  • Be tolerant towards the others.

We may be skeptical that it is not all the followers of this religion who respect those basic principles. However, if you are a faithful, devoted believers, you have to stick to those regulations. The best thing about Christianity is that they are invited to take a look back at their past, and then, they have to repent for any iniquity.

Forgiveness prevents conflicts

When Christians receive the grace of Christ, they are, in turn, required to forgive the others for what they did. This is even the main condition for them to receive forgiveness.

Likewise, in our everyday life, everything will go smoothly whenever we ask for forgiveness from our neighbors or family members, and when we forgive them. In fact, if we are complacent with anyone who harmed our feelings, we will naturally feel inner peace. Yet, in order to transform the world into a peaceful world, as Prem Rawat put it, it is essential that each individual feel mind tranquility.

Christianity has always sparked conflicts

It is common knowledge that Christianity is banned in some parts of the world. People who maintain a strong belief in Jesus Christ are subjected to the worst atrocities. However, in spite of such abuse and killings, Christians have never fought back nor retaliated. As they are taught to remain tolerant whatever happens to them, they are able to endure any persecution from other believers who do not share their views.

If you are looking for a religion which preaches and teaches about peace in the world, then, it is about Christianity. However, each individual has their own viewpoint as far as peace is concerned. For religious believers and fervent practitioners, peace consists of not reacting at all even if they are faced with simple provocations.

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